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Element Athletic Sock

Darn Tough

We were approached by Darn Tough to help launch their new athletic sock, the Element. Darn Tough has traditionally focused on live action shoots and photography for their marketing campaigns. But for the Element, they wanted to take a new direction which showcased the technicality of the sock. 

When the project kicked off, the product was close to being finalized.  Due to some legal bumps, the sock had to be redesigned at the last minute. Using a combination of modeling and UV mapping, we were able to quickly modify the updated design and still hit the delivery deadline, a key advantage of utilizing 3D animation for the project.

Tools used in this project were Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini, TurbulenceFD and Substance Designer.



Darn Tough

Production Company:

Director & Art Director:
Mark Cernosia

Design & Animation:
Mark Cernosia

Liam Clisham

FX & Simulations:
Liam Clisham


Paul Esteves

Lighting, Render, Compositing:
Mark Cernosia

Liam Clisham


RL Photo

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