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Element Athletic Sock

Darn Tough

Profanity Creative was engaged by Darn Tough to propel the launch of their innovative athletic sock, the Element, using our cutting-edge 3D animation. Traditionally, Darn Tough's marketing strategy has been centered around live-action shoots and photography. However, with the Element, they aspired to illustrate the sock's technical aspects more prominently, for which our 3D animation expertise was sought.

As we embarked on the project, the product design was nearing completion. However, unforeseen legal obstacles necessitated a last-minute redesign of the sock. Our proficient team, adept at 3D modeling and UV mapping, was quick to adapt and revise the design, ensuring that we remained on schedule. This project underscored the flexibility and efficiency of 3D animation, especially when faced with unexpected hurdles.

We deployed a suite of high-end tools for this project, including Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini, TurbulenceFD, and Substance Designer, further enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines.

Darn Tough Element Sock
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Darn Tough


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