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3D Animated Maps

Natural Selection Tour

Participating in the Natural Selection Tour (NST), a globally renowned extreme sports event, was an incredibly exciting adventure for our team at Profanity Creative. We had the unique opportunity to contribute to the event by creating geologically accurate 3D maps of two challenging terrains: Revelstoke, British Columbia, and Valdez, Alaska. Our goal was to amplify the narrative of the event, providing viewers with a precise and immersive understanding of the landscapes that the athletes were navigating.

2023 Revelstoke Highlights | Natural Selection Tour
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Project Execution

Our journey began with an in-depth analysis of real satellite data. It was paramount to our mission to accurately capture the distinctive features of both Revelstoke and Valdez. We sourced this data from a variety of reliable agencies, ensuring we had a comprehensive view of the geographical intricacies of both locations.

Armed with this robust dataset, we leveraged our skills in geospatial data processing and 3D rendering. We carefully dissected the data, highlighting critical landmarks, elevations, and geological features, which we then converted into a stunning 3D model. This phase was especially captivating as we brought together cutting-edge technology and the natural beauty of these unique landscapes.

Throughout this project, we worked in close collaboration with NST representatives, including Liam Griffin, Rose Corr, and Scott Barber. Their insights were invaluable in aligning our maps with the overall vision of the event and ensuring our work would meaningfully contribute to the narrative of the tour.

Impact and Outcome

Seeing our 3D maps featured during the event was an incredibly rewarding experience. These maps did more than just showcase the terrain; they gave viewers a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the athletes, providing a tangible context to their feats.

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Viewers appreciated the added dimension that our maps provided, and it was deeply satisfying to hear how our work had enriched their overall experience of the tour.

Future Endeavors

Following our successful collaboration with the NST, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. This project underscored the transformative power of melding technology with storytelling. We are constantly seeking opportunities to push the boundaries of what's possible with our 3D mapping solutions. We are looking forward to continuing our journey in helping our clients tell their stories in more innovative and immersive ways.


Our successful collaboration with the Natural Selection Tour demonstrates the transformative power of innovative technology when applied to traditional storytelling. Their commitment to accuracy, quality, and immersive viewer experience has set a high standard for similar future endeavors. Their work at the NST serves as a testament to their unique approach to problem-solving and their dedication to helping clients tell their stories in an innovative, engaging, and meaningful way.



Natural Selection Tour

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