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Mainline MTB Helmet

SMITH Optics

Profanity Creative joined forces with SMITH and Subjekt Object to craft cutting-edge 3D animations for SMITH's inaugural full-face mountain bike helmet, the Mainline MTB.

As we embarked on this project, the Mainline MTB was still a work in progress, with several key features and design elements undergoing transformations. However, our team adeptly harnessed the power of 3D modeling, allowing us to swiftly and smoothly incorporate these modifications into the product representation. This strategic approach not only kept the project on schedule but also ensured the animation accurately reflected the final helmet design.

For this endeavor, we employed an array of advanced tools, including Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini, and Substance Designer, underpinning our commitment to utilize cutting-edge technology in delivering visually captivating and accurate animations.

Smith Mainline Tech
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